Walking for Health

Learn why you should walk for exercise regularly.

Walking for exercise helps prevent diabetes type 2. Walking for only half an hour a day reduces the risk of non-insulin dependent diabetes by 58 per cent.

Regular walking strengthens your cardiovascular system. That is walking is very good for your heart.

Walking is very beneficial for the chemistry of the brain. In a research on the effect of walking on cognitive function, scientists discovered the fact that women of all ages who walked an hour and a half each week had considerably greater cognitive function along with much less cognitive decline compared to women who walked much less.

Walking is beneficial for the bone tissues. It helps to prevent bone loss.

Walking can help raise your spirits even if you are feeling down. Walking can ease symptoms of depressive disorders. Walking for half an hour, 3 to 5 days a week decreased symptoms of depressive disorders by as much as 40 per cent.

Walking lowers the risk of most cancers including the breast cancer and the colon cancer.

Walking improves physical fitness. Walking only three times per week for half an hour will considerably improve your cardiorespiratory health. Consider all the health benefits of walking and begin your walking program today!

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