Walking for Health

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Walking Program to Lose Weight

A sample walking program for weight loss will vary depending upon the exerciser’s fitness level (beginner, intermediate, advanced); however, all walkers should warm-up with a slow walk or marching for 5 minutes prior to his/her workout and end the workout with a 5-minute cool down, followed by stretching. For best results, all walking programs should include at least two total body resistance training sessions for muscle toning. [Continue reading…]

How Much Should I Walk to Lose Weight?

The frequency, intensity and duration of your fitness walks may depend upon several factors such as your current fitness level, work schedule, available time and desired weight loss goals. After receiving a physician’s ‘okay’ for exercise, beginners should start out slowly, perhaps with a 20-minute moderate walk on a relatively flat surface. This is likely […]

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What Is the Average Walking Speed?

Your walking speed will vary depending upon your purpose (taking a stroll or engaging in a heart-pumping workout) as well as your height, stride length and other factors. An average fitness walking speed is one that most healthy individuals in a group can maintain for an extended period of time, at least 30 minutes. It […]

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How Long Does It Take to Walk a Mile?

The amount of time it takes you to walk a mile depends on how fast you are walking. Your stride length, partially determined by the length of your legs, also plays a role. Tall walkers, and/or those with a long stride cover more distance per step than shorter walkers, and/or those with a shorter stride. […]

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How to Lose Weight by Walking

You can lose weight by walking but it takes patience, persistence and hard work. To see results you must follow a consistent, moderately-intense workout regime and consume a healthful, reduced-calorie diet. Creating short-term goals and keeping track of your progress helps keep you focused and organized.

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